About Us



It was love at first sight when we (LeeAnn, a photographer, and Lisa, a wedding planner) met at a North Texas Bridal Show. We spent the entire day chatting in between meeting prospective clients. We became quick friends, and naturally, began to refer clients to one another so we could work as many weddings together as possible. Who doesn’t want to work with their bestie?

Over the next 10 years, work hours turned into after work hours, which consisted of Netflix binges, coffee marathons, and, of course, cheering each other on.


As time passed, we saw a need in the local wedding market, so we took a leap of faith, and launched the Denton Bridal Show. We were blown away by the positive response from couples and industry professionals near us.

Helping small businesses grow and serving couples became our passion. In 2017, we added a second show and a blog offering inspiration, ideas, and education. We were learning so much, using our gifts and talents to help others, and, of course, still doing it together!



In an effort to more accurately target our audience through social media, we did some market research during our Winter Bridal Show. We wanted to find out how today’s couples felt the internet culture helped or harmed their wedding planning, and ultimately, their relationship. We were shocked by the results. It was unanimous. Couples said they wished they could plan their entire wedding online. In fact, they didn’t even want to be at a Bridal Show, even though it was helpful. They wanted to see pricing, video tours, pics, availability...really everything they needed from home. So they basically wanted everything you get at a bridal show...but online. Light Bulb!


We hit the ground running with a goal of starting an Online Bridal Show. If today’s couples want to do less wedding planning in person, and more online, then we’re here for it! Helping to bring businesses and couples together in an online setting is right up our alley! And so, Brideologist was born. We created an online platform that is beautiful, easy to use, and affordable. The Online Bridal Show takes the stress out of wedding planning, and our blog and social media continues to offer quotes, education, inspiration and encouragement beyond just the wedding day itself.