5 Tips to Make Your Wedding (Business) Dream a Reality

Author: Lula Walker


If you are like us, you’ve got big dreams. You’re either planning a wedding or are a wedding pro transforming your passions and talents into a business. 

As an Online Bridal Show, Brideologist is in the business of connecting couples with wedding vendors. But beyond that, we are here to support people in making their wedding or wedding business dreams a success.

We, Lisa + LeeAnn, have built Brideologist and The Denton Bridal Show together. We are also wedding vendors ourselves (Planner + Photographer). Plus, we have planned our own dream weddings. 

We would love to share with you our 5 tips to making your dreams happen.


1) Pray 


This may seem like a weird first step, but we believe that we've been obeying God's leading in our business from the beginning. Submitting our plans back to Him on a daily basis keeps us humble. It also helps us to stay calm and at peace when we


face unexpected obstacles or set-backs in our work and planning. We really believe that God is the author of any success we might have, so we continue to talk to Him about our dreams and visions for the future.


2) Schedule 


If it's not on our schedule, it doesn't happen. Whether it's work, wedding planning time, or play time, it's gotta be in the calendar. Block off time to sit down and work on your tasks...don't just assume that you'll remember to do it in that open block


of time on Saturday. Tell your time where to go and it will follow.


3) Have a List


WRITE IT DOWN. Every little task needs to go on the list. The older we get, the more we forget. Having a list we're constantly checking off and updating keeps us on task and efficient in our scheduled work time.


4) Work Consistently  


We prefer shorter work blocks more frequently over long blocks. This allows us to keep up with tasks that pop up without letting them build up and get overwhelming. We also always strive to get back to people in a quick and timely manner and


that's hard to do when you're not scheduling office/work time consistently.


5) Play 


When you work together or are planning a wedding together it's important to take time to just enjoy one another's company. We love to go out for a good meal and a cocktail or have a slumber party movie night. Celebrate what you've already


accomplished in your planning and always remember to value the relationship over the work itself.

In conclusion, get organized and get on your knees. Plan and expect the unexpected. You got this and we are rooting for you and here to support you every step of the way.  


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