Marketing to Millenials and GenZ

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Author: Lula Walker

This is the question on everyone’s mind in the wedding industry. Technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with. Our clients (millenials and gen z’s) are growing up with this technology and the burden is on us to meet them where they are at. So who are these young people and how can we serve them best?

Here are some stats we received at a presentation given by the CEO of the Knot.

Millennials :
Ages 24-39
Digital Pioneers
Rinstagram (As in real IG accounts)
Attention span 12 seconds
Generation “me”
Personalization expected

Gen z:
- Ages 8-23
- Digital and Social Natives
- Finstagram (As in fake IG accounts)
- Attention Span - 8 seconds
- Generation “we”
- Personalization Required

No generation has been bombarded with marketing so intensely as these generations coming up. No one has been exposed to as much media, advertising and marketing campaigns of all kinds and across myriad platforms. It has left them more savvy than older generations and less interested in hearing people's pitches. They know when they are being sold something and they just want to get to the point. The price point, that is. As far as booking wedding vendors, budget is their number one priority. We have found through talking and interviewing hundreds of millenials (and being at the tail end of the millenial spectrum ourselves ahem), that they want to have transparency with pricing. In fact, transparency and authenticity is paramount with millenials and gen z's in general. They want to keep it real because they don't have time for anything else.

They also want to be entertained, but who doesn't? So, if we are to meet them where they are at, we got to do it online. That means making it easy for them to find you on the social media platforms that they "live" on, and of course, online bridal shows (wink wink). Share videos of what you do. Let them feel that they know you and what you offer. Humor is a great way to reach anyone. Show your personality. They don't want to chase you down to meet you, schedule a meeting, drive They want to plan their wedding from their phones, for the most part. They have dogs to walk, they're busy. Keep it short and sweet. Remember, they have short attention spans, but give them a break...they have endured billions of commercials as kids.

Brideologist is our brainchild to meet their needs and yours. We simply listened to what they wanted and decided to give it to them. Couples can see videos of who the vendor is and a tour of their services. Vendors' pricing and a calendar of their availability are posted. BOOM! Everything they need to make a decision within the 8 to 12 seconds that their attention span allows, all from the comfort of their own home.

Image by Chewy Invez
And we have an app, which they love!

Although the entrenchment in technology is high, it's a means for our client's generation to make real life connections faster...with you.  Presenting your authentic self is a way for them to know if it's a right fit, right away.


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