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Getting engaged is a flurry of emotion and excitement and then you realize the inevitable: there’s a wedding to plan. Many people go straight to Google and search for wedding checklists. This is a good thing. Get started with your planning ASAP. But where do you go for a comprehensive wedding checklist and how do you best use them? There are a million pdf checklists to choose from. Some are more helpful than others. Brideologist has taken the wedding checklist to the next level. We have made it interactive! Ok, we get pretty pumped about organization. Lisa, a co-founder of Brideologist and experienced Wedding Planner, is a seriously organized lady and she brought a wealth of knowledge to the table for our list. When you subscribe to Brideologist as a couple (by the way it's FREE), you gain access to a dashboard of indispensable wedding tools, one of which is the beloved checklist. There you can customize your list to include tasks that are useful to you. We offer you an example guide and a slew of options you can add to your list according to your timeline. We have the checklist segmented by months. For example, you get engaged in September, so you can put on your 1 year out checklist any of the following: Attend a local bridal show. Book your caterer. Book your dream venue. Or choose a color scheme. We suggest actions to take for every phase of wedding planning, but you choose what needs to be done for your wedding. Also, you can create any additional custom tasks for your event. Then you put the date on it that fits your actual timeline. We want wedding planning to be fun, right down to the checklist. One of the best ways to use a wedding checklist is to sit down with your dream-come-true-crew and divide and conquer. Maybe your crew consists of you, your fiancé, your mom, and your maid of honor. Take a look at the tasks at hand and delegate. Who wants to do what? Who wants to take on the caterer? Who wants to meet the videographer? How can you share the load with your loved ones in a way that is exciting for everyone involved? Many wedding checklists are 1-year timelines chunked down by the month. If you have six months to plan your wedding, just compress and don’t stress. Take the to-do’s of the first few months and combine them into your first month of planning and move on. You got this. The important thing is to enjoy every step of the way and remember that it’s just one day. So when it comes to planning your wedding with ease and finesse, Brideologist has got your back. Below is an example of a Wedding Checklist that we created and LOVE. Check it out and check it off.

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Response from Rene tompkins on 11/09/2020

hello ladies! wow, bride·ologist looks amazing! lisa has phoned me and i erased the message, so sorry! i have to share my story later with y'all but i do believe i'm experiencing divine intervention! i am interested with questions of course, for vendors. i am a hair stylist.

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