What We in the Wedding Industry Learned in 2020

Author: Lula Walker


We made it.  And if you are reading this, congratulations, because you made it, too!  Oh yeah.  Here’s to moving on.  But before we spin our heels and say good riddance to you forever 2020, we want to say thank you for all that you have taught us.  We want to share what we have learned with everyone and grow collectively.  After all, we are in this together.  


Love endures.  

As wedding vendors ourselves (Lisa: a wedding planner and LeeAnn: a wedding photographer), we like to note that we are in a happy business.  2020 has had its challenges, but the happiness hasn’t stopped.  People have continued to get married, which is good news for us in the wedding industry.  Postponements have happened, but, instead of canceling their wedding entirely, couples have picked a new date and carried on.  Guest lists were slashed, and brides and grooms went off into the sunset to elope.  The micro wedding has been established.  We have been so impressed with the resilient attitudes of couples.  2020 has been a great training ground for marriage.  So many couples faced adversity with gratitude and it brought them closer together.  Luckily for us, love fuels our industry and it is a force that can't be stopped.

Wedding Vendors are incredibly creative.  

We always knew that our colleagues were creative, but 2020 has proven that necessity is the mother of invention.  We have seen people transform their services to meet the needs of their clients during these times.  Videographers now offer packages that include live streams for weddings.  Wedding planners offer elements of their services that are digital.  Wedding cakes are made in individual portions so as not to spread germs.  Wedding bands have shifted to string quartets.  Venues have changed to allow for socially distanced seating arrangements.  

We, as business owners, have needed to adapt.  Prior to 2020, we never booked a wedding without meeting a client face to face.  Historically, people called on the phone, made an appointment, met in real life and then booked.   Since Covid, we haven't booked a single wedding in person!  Everything was done online or over the phone.    Of course, this is one reason why we are so excited to bring Brideologist to the world: so we can connect vendors and couples with even more ease.  

People are using technology more than ever to plan their weddings.  

People were using their phones to make their plans before the pandemic.  1 out of 4 couples met online.  Over 90% of couples posted on social media that they got engaged.  About 90% of couples created a wedding website.  And now, people have even more reason to organize their weddings from the comfort of their own homes.  Planning a wedding online has gone beyond a matter of convenience.  But there are some silver linings here.  For one, when couples plan their weddings online, especially using Brideologist, they don't have to spend so much time driving around checking venues only to find out it’s out of their budget.  We hope that couples will have more time to love each other.  And also more time for the vendors.  We imagine a world with a lot less no-shows for business owners.   

Overall, we left 2020 feeling optimistic and we begin 2021 knowing we have got a job to do.  People keep falling in love, and, no matter what, the world will fall into place around that eternal truth.  Love rules.  

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Response from Tal on 28/01/2021

thanks for posting this encouragement!

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